How do we reconcile our donations and pay-outs?

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First of all – well done on a successful fundraising campaign! At the end of any calendar month in which you’ve had donations, invoices will be generated in your Donr Dashboard to show how much you can expect to be paid from us and when.

If you’re an Account Admin-level user, you can access your organisation’s Invoices by logging into the Donr Dashboard, clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting ‘Invoices’ from the drop-down menu.

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Accessing Invoices

If you’re an Account Admin-level user, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘Invoices’ from the drop-down menu.

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The screen that opens up should give you access to all invoices for money which has been paid, or is due to be paid, to your organisation.

There’s also a handy ‘three dots’ button – click it and you’ll have the options to download the invoice as a PDF or to see exactly which donations this invoice relates to by selecting ‘Donations.’ This will link you back into the Donations section of the Donr Dashboard and display only the donations that the invoice you’ve been looking at relates to.

Once in the Donations section, change the selector from ‘Summary’ to ‘Detailed’ and you’ll be able to see an itemised list of detailed information for each of the transactions the invoice you were looking at relates to. This should help you reconcile your pay-outs and the donation information you’ve been looking at.

Please note that to access your Charity Organisation’s invoices, you’ll need to be your Account Admin, or have been granted appropriate permissions by your Account Admin. For more information on account permissions, please click here.

What am I Looking At?

For any given calendar month (or ‘period’), a separate invoice is generated for each network (Vodafone, O2, EE, Virgin or Three) from which donations have been made.

For instance, if your organisation received five donations of £10 in the calendar month of January 2019 across all of its campaigns and each of those donations came from a mobile phone registered to a different mobile network, five invoices would be generated.

If, in February 2019, your organisation again received five donations of £10 but, this time, all five of the donations came from mobile handsets registered to Vodafone, only one invoice would be generated as only one network has been used to make donations in this period.

You can easily work out how much was raised per network by sorting data in the Donr Dashboard ‘Donations’ area by selecting the ‘Sort by payment type’ option.

Invoices will be organised according to whether they have been paid or are due to be paid. The date will either refer to the date payment was sent to the charity’s nominated bank account or the date that payment is due to be sent to the charity’s nominated bank account.

What Does My Invoice Mean?

Within the invoice, you’ll find payments grouped by donation amount. Let’s take a look at an example breakdown for Charity Organisation A’s donations made via mobile handsets registered to O2 for the period of March 2019:

Description Quantity Unit Price VAT Amount
O2_uk donation for £1 12 £1.00 No VAT (Donations) Payable £12.00
O2_uk donation £1.00 Fee 12 -£0.05 20% -£0.60
O2_uk donation for £2 4 £2.00 No VAT (Donations) Payable £8.00
O2_uk donation £2.00 Fee 4 -£0.10 20% -£0.40
Total Donations £20.00
Total Fee -£1.00
Total VAT -£0.20
Amount Payable £18.80

We can see that, in March 2019, Charity Organisation A received 12 donations of £1 via handsets registered to the O2 mobile network, totalling £12.

They also received 4 donations of £2 from handsets registered to O2, totalling £8.

In March 2019, Charity Organisation A received a total of £20 in donations from handsets registered to O2.

Donr’s fee is 5%(+VAT). On donations of £1, this equates to £0.05 – as shown in the second row of the Unit Price column. The total fee owed to Donr for the 12 donations of £1 for this period therefore equate to £0.60 (12 x £0.05) – as shown in the second row of the Amount column.

Repeating the same process, we can see that Donr’s fee of 5%(+VAT) equates to £0.10 on donations of £2 and that a total of £0.40 is owed to Donr as the fee for the four £2 donations that the charity received in this period – as seen in the fourth row of the Unit Price and Amount columns respectively.

Please note, that the above figures of £0.60 and £0.40 DO NOT include VAT.

Underneath, we see the total amounts. The total donations from O2-registered handsets in this period equates to £20. This means that Donr’s 5% fee for these donations equates to £1 and the VAT due on this £1 equates to £0.20.

This means that after Donr’s fee and the VAT is taken from the total donations, Donr owes Charity Organisation A £18.80 for donations made via handsets registered to O2 for this period.

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