How do we make a Donr Data Request?

A Donr Data Request can give you access to supporters’ full mobile phone numbers and/or the Gift Aid information required to make a claim from HMRC, as well as access to downloadable invoices for your organisation’s pay-outs from Donr.

Here at Donr, we take data security seriously, which is why personal supporter information – such as full mobile phone numbers and postal addresses – isn’t immediately available via your Dashboard. This is so that if a third party were to gain access to your account, they wouldn’t be able to easily access sensitive information.

For this reason, whilst you can view basic donation data from your Donr Dashboard, we invite our Charity Partners to request access to more detailed information via a Donr Data Request.

To Make a Donr Data Request for Transactional Data…

Transactional data is available in the ‘Donations’ area of your Donr Dashboard. As standard, you will be able to see and download basic information about your donations – if you would like us to ‘unlock’ this area for you so you can see and download your supporters’ full mobile phone numbers (for information or further communication purposes, for instance), please email with the following information:

  • Your charity name;
  • Your registered charity number;
  • If your organisation has multiple users registered to it, which users you would like to have permission to access this sensitive data.

And to Request Gift Aid information…

Gift Aid data is available in the ‘Gift Aid’ area of your Donr Dashboard. As standard, you will be able to see and download basic information about your supporters who have opted to leave a Gift Aid declaration – however, if you would like us to ‘unlock’ this area so that you can access full postal addresses (including house numbers and postcodes) please email with the same information as listed above.

If you’d like transactional data AND Gift Aid information, don’t feel that you have to send us two separate emails, just send us the one with the information we need to action both requests.

And for Invoices…

Similarly, if you’d like your organisation’s additional users to access to your organisation’s downloadable invoices, please let us know by emailing – please note, by default, your organisation’s Account Admin (the individual who created the Donr account originally) should have access to these invoices by default.

Finally, please be aware that all of the above data is to be responsibly used by your charity only. Please do not sell, swap or give the data on your supporters to any third party, and please store it securely.

N.B. None of the above should be taken as legal advice. If your organisation has any doubts about the legality of collecting and processing personal data, we suggest checking with appropriate legal counsel before doing so.

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