How do I close a Text Giving campaign?

Quick Answer

‘Closing’ a Text Giving campaign involves deleting it from your account and, once a campaign has had donations, only a member of Donr staff can do this. If you would like a campaign closed – and deleted – please email for further assistance. Please note, a campaign can only be deleted once we’ve paid out all donations from it.

Want to know a little more?

Once a Text Giving campaign is active, its ability to take donations cannot be switched off and on. If you really want to stop your supporters having the ability to donate to your organisation via a certain campaign, you’ll need to email and ask one of our team to delete the campaign for you.

Unfortunately, we can only delete a campaign if it has not had any donations made via it or any donations that have been made via it have been paid out and so have cleared through our accounting system. If we deleted a campaign which had taken donations before they had been paid, this would run the risk of those donations not being assigned to the correct charity in our back-end accounting system.

Given the length of time our pay-out cycle takes, due to the pay-out cycles of the mobile network operators, a good rule of thumb is that a campaign which has had donations can only be deleted once it has taken no donations for the past three months consecutively.

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