How do I Cancel or Amend My Regular Donation?

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Need to amend or stop a regular donation to your chosen charity? No worries – we’re here to help! To cancel a regular donation made via text message, text STOP to 70085. To cancel a regular donation made via an online Donr Appeal Page (from 2019 or earlier), we’ll need an email to with a cancellation or amendment instruction.

Want to know a little more?

We understand that situations can change and you may wish to cancel a monthly donation you made via one of our services. This is absolutely fine: to cancel a monthly donation set up via text message, please text STOP to 70085.

Please note, if you simply wish to stop the donation for one month, you can text SKIP to 70085.

Unfortunately, you cannot amend the amount you donate per month, once you set up a monthly donation. If you wish to change the amount you’re donating, you’ll need to cancel your original donation by texting STOP to 70085 then set up a new monthly donation by following the original instructions that your chosen charity provided when they asked for your help.

To amend or cancel a donation made via an online Donr Appeal Page (from 2019 or earlier) please email the following details to

  • The email address used to set up the donation
  • The amount you donate per month
  • The charity you donate to
  • Your regular billing date
  • Your amendment or cancellation instruction

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