Does Donr process Gift Aid claims on behalf of its Charity Partners?

No, Donr does not process Gift Aid claims through HMRC on behalf of its Charity Partners. However, we can collect the appropriate information so our Charity Partners can make the claim themselves.

Supporters will have the option to make a declaration when donating using Donr’s Text Giving service via the ‘Thank You’ message that their donation triggers or via a message sent directly after the ‘Thank You’ message. These messages will contain a hyperlink to a declaration web page which Donr hosts. Please note, whichever option a charity chooses for their Gift Aid ‘ask,’ when using Donr’s Text Giving service, this must be set up the charity from within the Donr Dashboard.

Similarly, the payment flow for Donr Appeal Pages from 2019, Donr will collect the relevant information on supporters who have indicated they can make a declaration and pass their information on to the organisation, so the Gift Aid claim can be processed with HMRC.

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