Can I set up monthly donations to my chosen cause?

Quick Answer

You certainly can make monthly donations to any charity signed up to work with Donr! Please see below for more information.

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Monthly Donations via Donr Text Giving

If you’re texting a keyword to a short code phone number – such as 70085 or 70470 – to donate to a charity, then the charity has signed up with Donr’s Text Giving service. Charities can set separate keywords for one-off donations and for monthly donations. They should make clear whether your donation will be a one-off or regular when they ask for your help.

When you text a charity’s regular giving keyword followed by a donation amount to a short code phone number, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to set up a regular donation to your chosen charity. After you’ve confirmed, your chosen donation amount will be taken from your mobile credit or added to your monthly mobile bill each month. You’ll receive a reply text telling you how to stop future transactions. Please note, you can stop your donations at any time, by following the steps outlined in these instructions.

After initial set-up, you’ll receive instructions on how you can stop your donation (text STOP to 70085) and a reminder via text every month to tell you your donation is about to be taken every month.

And via Donr Appeal Pages…

If you’re donating via a Donr Appeal Page (online), a monthly donation option will be included in the payment flow.

Illustration of the set-up process for a regular donation via a Donr Appeal Page
You can set up a monthly donation via the payment process on a Donr Appeal Page

If you ever need to amend or cancel your regular donation made via a Donr Appeal Page, please email with the following information:

  • The email address used to set up the regular donation
  • The amount you donate every month
  • The charity you donate to
  • Your regular billing date
  • Your amendment/cancellation instruction

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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