Are there any donation limits associated with Donr’s services?

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Donation limits will depend on the method being used to donate. Please read on for more information.

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Donation Limits Associated with Donr’s Text Giving Service

There are several donation limits which charities and supporters should keep in mind when using Donr’s Text Giving service.

The maximum that can be contributed via a donation using Donr’s Text Giving service is £20. If a supporter would like to make a larger contribution, they can do this by sending multiple texts until they have donated their desired amount. However, there is a £30 per mobile number per day limit on Donr’s Text Giving service and users should also be aware that UK mobile networks have per service per day limits on how much can be spent via a person’s mobile bill. UK mobile network operators can provide more information on these limits.

Supporters should also be aware that some operators impose monthly caps to try and stop users running up big mobile bills. Donr cannot see what these caps are but, if a supporter would like further information, their mobile network operator may be able to help.

And with Donr Appeal Pages…

Donation limits on Donr’s Appeal pages are generally higher than those associated with Text Giving.

The maximum donation amount on a Donr Appeal Page using a credit or debit card is £5,000. If a supporter would like to donate more than this amount, they need to make two separate transactions – if they wished to donate £10,000, they need to make two separate online payments of £5,000.

The maximum donation amount on a Donr Appeal Page via mobile phone can vary. The general rule is that up to £20 can be donated per transaction. Charges of up to £30 can be made to a single UK mobile phone number per day. For instance, if a supporter would like to donate £30 to a cause via mobile phone, they’d need to make two separate payments of £20 and £10. If they then decided they’d like to contribute further, they would have to wait until the next day to donate via their mobile phone again.

The minimum that can be contributed via Donr’s Appeal Pages is £1. However, while all of the organisations we work with appreciate any support you can give, the average donation is significantly higher than this.

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