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How do I close a Text Giving campaign?

Quick Answer ‘Closing’ a Text Giving campaign involves deleting it from your account and, once a campaign has had donations, only a member of Donr staff can do this. If you would like a campaign closed – and deleted – please email hello@donr.com for further

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How do I create a Text Giving campaign?

Quick Answer Log into your Donr Dashboard, click ‘Create new campaign’ at the top of the screen and follow the on-screen instructions. Want to know a little more? Whether you’re creating your first Text Giving campaign or your 50th, the process is exactly the same.

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What makes a good Text Giving keyword?

Quick Answer A good Text Giving keyword is easy to spell and hard to mishear. Try and keep it to one word, rather than a phrase, and try and find one that your supporters’ phones won’t autocorrect while they’re typing. Perhaps try a few in

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FAQs for supporters and charities


Whether you’re a charitable organisation or supporter, these general FAQs are for everyone. 

Made a charitable donation via our platform? Then these FAQs are for you.

Donr’s Charity Partners can find out about the admin side of their account here.

Help with Donr’s Online Fundraising pages.

Articles to help Donr’s Charity Partners navigate the Donr Dashboard.

Everything you need to know about using our Text Giving services.

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If you’re not sure where to start with Text Giving, start here! We answer a range of the most common questions and cover everything you need to know to launch your first Text Giving campaign.

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