Everything You Need To Know About Donr’s Integration With Donorfy

One of the many reasons charities love Donorfy is because of the suite of tools and products it easily integrates with. Donorfy’s integration list includes the like of Mailchimp, Gift Aid and now Donr. We’ll update this blog post whenever we have new resources so that you’ll always be able to find all the information about our integration in one place!


Integration with What?

Donorfy! A fantastic CRM system that allows its charity clients keep track of their supporters’ vital information. Donorfy is so fantastic, in fact, that it has been named ‘Best CRM Product,’ ‘Best CRM Supplier,’ and ‘Most Recommended,’ by Fundraising Magazine for the last four years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)!

With Donorfy, charity clients can create, execute and measure direct marketing campaigns, manage constituents, individuals and organisations, search and filter constituents, tag constituents (for interests, skills, mailing lists etc.), keep a timeline of communication with constituents, connect constituents and more.

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What are the Benefits of Integrating Donr and Donorfy?

Donorfy helps you keep track of every single interaction your supporters have with your charity, including their text donations. By making use of this new feature, charities can collect donations and certain supporter information via Donr’s Text Giving service and bespoke online Fundraising Pages, then have all of this communicated through to their Donorfy records – no more tedious, time-consuming manual entry, leaving you with more free time to spend developing your supporter relationships!


How Do We Get Started?

Ready to hook up your Donr and Donorfy accounts? Great! We’ve got a Help Centre article with all the information you need to set up the integration. Please click here to access it, enjoy!

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