Your Christmas Fundraising Appeal and Text Giving

Yep – it’s that time of year again. As summer becomes a distant memory and the nights continue to become darker and cosier, it can only mean one thing – the long old road to launching your Christmas fundraising appeal starts here!

So, whether you’re more excited about Christmas than Buddy the Elf catching a glimpse of Santa Claus at the store – or, you’re a bit more of Scrooge when it comes to discussing anything festive pre-December 1st – one thing’s for sure:

For our sector, Christmas appeal planning season starts now.

But no matter where you’re at with your planning – whether you’re just starting, or ready to go – our brand-new guide “How to: Easily add Text Giving to your Christmas Appeal today is here to help you to do just that.


We can add a keyword right now, you say?

Yes, really! Even if your Christmas campaign was finalised long ago (we see you, early planners!), it’s not too late to add in a text keyword to your promotional material.

Since a new campaign can be set up in a matter of minutes from our dashboard, you could create your new keyword now, and use this as part of your Christmas appeal fundraising toolkit in a range of places – from events, to social media (our Guide offers more detailed advice).

Of course, if you’re still in the planning stages then it’s the perfect time to set up a text keyword as part of your campaign. Be sure to pop it in any printed collateral you might be sending out to supporters!

Finally – not signed up to use our service? No problem. You can sign up here, and even create your first text keyword in the process, to get started immediately.


Sneak peek at Guide front cover: "How to: Easily add Text Giving to your Christmas Appeal"
A Guide by Donr: “How to: Easily add Text Giving to your Christmas Appeal” (Click to view and download)


Consult the guide!

For further advice on how to get the most out of your new Christmas text keyword, please do feel free to download your free copy of our guide by clicking the image above.

Remember – here at Donr we also provide unlimited support for all charities who form our community.

So, if you’ve got an idea for integrating text into your 2019 Christmas Appeal but would prefer to talk this over with a member of our team, please feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll be more than happy to arrange a time to chat.

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