Welcome to the Donr Lottery!

The Donr Lottery provides participating charities with the opportunity to fundraise through a society lottery charged to an entrants mobile phone. The Lottery takes place each week, with a ticket costing £2 for a chance to win £10,000. The participating charity will receive at least £1 per ticket sold.

The legal bit

Our weekly draw takes place at 17:45 each Saturday. The Lottery is managed by ImpulsePay Ltd (The Stables, Back St Georges Terrace, Newcastle, NE2 2SU), which is registered as an External Lottery Manager with the Gambling Commission (https://gamblingcommission.gov.uk) under Remote Operating Licence Number 058029-R-333796-001. The designated responsible persons are Christopher Newell and Paul Paterson.
A designated beneficiary charity of this Lottery shall receive proceeds amounting to a minimum of 51% of the payment for entry tickets. If you wish to cancel your entry in to the Donr lottery, please text STOP to 88000. For help with problem gambling, please visit BeGambleAware.
Supporter entering the Donr Lottery

This week's winning numbers


Draw date: 25th June 2022

Previous winning numbers

18th June 2022: 6-3-6-2-3-4
11th June 2022: 7-8-1-1-5-2
4th June 2022: 9-5-7-6-5-5
28th May 2022: 3-8-5-1-3-3
21st May 2022: 8-2-1-5-5-0
14th May 2022: 6-7-7-0-5-2
7th May 2022: 9-8-7-2-6-2
30th April 2022: 8-5-0-2-8-7
23rd April 2022: 0-4-4-4-1-2
16th April 2022: 1-7-4-4-8-1
9th April 2022: 4-8-4-1-3-1