Donr Debunks – The Facts About Text Giving And Data

Responses to our recent survey have suggested there’s a common misconception that text giving doesn’t give charities the data they need to take donors on their supporter journeys. Lucky for you, that’s absolutely not the case – here’s why…

What I can expect?

When you create a new keyword in your Donr Dashboard, you’ll automatically have access to a range of data that helps you make Gift Aid claims (if enabled) as well as contact your supporters. Because they’ve donated by text, the only personal data they need to pass onto you is their mobile number, which is what you’ll find in the dashboard.

You can use the mobile numbers to get in touch with your supporters without marketing consent about a range of updates which are more commonly known as in-service communication which is not marketing (to find out what kind, read this FAQ) – don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get full marketing permissions in the next section.

The first time you download this data in a CSV file, you’ll notice that the mobile numbers (which you’ll find in the ‘msisdn’ column) are partially redacted. This is just because in the interest in of data protection, full information isn’t available until you make a Donr Data Request – which is as quick and easy as sending an email.

Marketing Opt-in

But what if you’re looking to add supporters who donate by text to your database so that you can talk to them about all the work you do? All you have to do is create a marketing opt-in keyword when setting up campaign. To do this:

— Create two separate keywords with exactly the same settings (donation frequency, default donation amount etc), we’ll called these Keyword 1 and Keyword 2

— When marketing your text keywords, advertise keyword 1 as your ‘opt-in’ keyword and keyword 2 as your ‘opt-out’ keyword.

— When you download your data from the dashboard, you’ll know which supporters have texted Keyword 1 (your opt-in keyword) and can take them on a mobile supporter journey


Donr — Donr Debunks – The Facts About Text Giving And Data 1


This means you’re now able to share the incredible impact of your work and even collect different types of personal data to get to know them better. You’ll find an example to help get you started in this Help Centre article.

Myth debunked

So, there you have it… you can collect important marketing data through text giving which allows you to communicate with them in a meaningful way. As always, if you’d like to chat to us about collecting data we’re here to help.⚡️

PS* If you haven’t started your text marketing journey just yet be sure to keep an eye on our social media and your inboxes for a very exciting product launch this Autumn!

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