Following a successful round of investment from North Star Ventures earlier this year we’ve launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to fund the next exciting growth phase in Donr’s roadmap.

Why crowdfunding?


Since the beginning Donr has been about inclusivity. We want all charities no matter how big or small to have access to the best fundraising technology and support. Crowdfunding our next round of investment allows us to still put inclusivity at the front of our mission – because now anyone can be an investor.

    Tech-for-good for all

We’re firm believers that the tech-for-good space is only just getting started, and the more people who get to be a part of it the bigger its impact will be. Raising equity investment on a public platform means everyone can be part of something bigger than themselves and help the tech-for-good sector grow.

     The investment gap

Whilst the world continues to make progress in gender equality there is one gap that still needs closing — the investment gap. Just 1 in 5 women currently hold investment versus 1 in 3 men. Crowdfunding is helping update investment culture and Donr’s campaign gets to contribute to change.

Why you should join us?

We believe crowdfunding will allow our supporters, our followers, and our partners to join our movement in providing charities with equal ​access to the tools and support to make society a better place for everyone.

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