Company Self-Care: How We’re Kind To Our Minds At Donr HQ

This August we’re taking advantage of our slightly quieter schedules to take stock, reflect and renew ourselves ready for the year-end fundraising push. This first blog post shares Donr HQ’s favourite self-care routines and what we do to make sure we’re being kind to our minds.

Mental Health in the charity sector

Mental health and self-care have finally found their way onto the public agenda. From plenary discussions at IoFFC to being a key theme at our local IoF North East’s conference next month — talking about managing stress, preventing burn out or what we need to do to create work-life balance is on everybody’s minds.

Here’s how Donr HQ take time to practice self-care.


Shooting hoops 

We’re incredibly lucky in that Donr HQ is opposite a park complete with basketball hoops.

Over a year ago in a quest to spend more time outside we bought a basketball, and every couple of weeks we make an effort to get as many of us out as possible to shoot hoops and chat about the good and the not-so-good. Because it’s not a formal chat and we’re busy moving about, we’re all more open, get things off our chest, do something as a group and exercise – a clear self-care winner in our eyes.


Poppy Cuddles

If you follow us on social media or have browsed our Team Page you’ll spot our Head of Dognations, Poppy. She belongs to Chris and comes to the office at least a couple of times a week. Taking her for a walk around the block when we need some fresh air, or even just cuddling her on our way from our desks to the kitchen is a big stress reliever for our team.

Endorphin Rush

Every member of our team has a form of exercise they love. Activities that many of us may have started for the physical benefit versus the mental one, we carve out time in our weeks to get moving (which does wonderful things for our moods and stress levels in the process). So what are we up to? Some of our actives include running, weight lifting, barre, hiking and yoga.


The ‘boring things’

The above is always on our to-do list, but what about making stress-free time for the less Instagram-worthy self-care practices like going to the dentist? At Donr HQ we’re actively creating a culture that places importance on less ordinary self-care practices too. Being able to take time in your workday to nip out to pick up a prescription or go to the dentist shouldn’t leave you feeling with dread because you’ve stepped away from your desk.

What do you do to be kind to your mind? If you don’t have a self-care routine just yet check out the Mental Health Foundation’s great resource here

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