Choosing The Right Text Giving Keyword

According to a recent report from Blackbaud, Generation Zers and Millennials are the UK’s most generous givers — choosing an easy-to-identify, easy-to-spell keyword for them to text-to-donate will help ensure they don’t drop out and their donations don’t fail.

Generation Zers and Millennials donated a whopping £2.7 billion to charitable causes this year. Blackbaud’s report also says that 20% of these people had recently donated via text message. With a fifth of the UK’s most generous donors giving via text, here’s how you can maximise the impact of your text giving keyword.

[infographic] Choosing the right text giving keyword


Testing our keyword

To test our infographic checklist we tested the keyword DNR18 in Donr HQ.

Here are a couple of the problems we encountered:

We had to use the NATO phonetic alphabet to ensure that we were all typing the same thing (particularly to distinguish between ’N’ and ‘M’). We then found that the letters ‘D’ ’N’ ‘R’ were autocorrecting to ‘Done’ or ‘Don’t, and when we verbally ‘promoted’ our keyword in the office a couple of members of our team weren’t sure if we said, ’18’ or ’81’.

Had this been an actual charity text-to-give keyword, the charity would have been in real danger of missing out on our donations simply because the keyword was difficult to hear and type into our phones without error.


The solution

Fortunately, there is an alternative: using our technology, charities can nominate real words to use as their text-to-give keyword. So, for instance, a supporter might text “WATER 5” to a charity looking to provide clean water to a deprived community to contribute £5 to their cause.

Great, right? Words not random letters: harder to mishear, easier to spell and no need to try and remember that D is for Delta and N is for November. Now you just need to think of a word that passes the six points outlined in the infographic above and you’ll find your perfect text-to-give keyword.


Ready, steady, fundraise

Once you have your chosen keyword, put it into our system and check that it’s available —  if it’s not available on one shortcode (e.g. 70085) try your keyword on one of our other shortcodes. Once you’ve created your keyword you’re good to go!

As always, we’re here to help you every step of the way so if you have any questions tweet us, pop us an email or even give us a ring to speak to a real human being.

Happy fundraising,
Team Donr


Ps* If you’d like your keyword to collect Gift Aid information read this FAQ, and if you’d like to collect marketing consent read this FAQ

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