IoFFC 19: Our top three takeaways

At Donr HQ, we're lucky enough to speak to fundraisers almost every day – so when we asked them which event we'd be silly to miss, they all said the IoFFC, hosted by the Institute of Fundraising. Last week we exhibited at our very first Convention, hosted at London's iconic Barbican Centre. We spent three full days chatting to charities old and new about their upcoming campaigns, digital fact-finding missions and how they could join the text giving revolution — and even managed to sneak into a couple of sessions.


Here are our top three takeaways...


The beanbags zone

We're all only human, and being at a conference that created space where anyone could grab 20 minutes in between sessions to catch up and rest was one of our favourite additions. With society finally putting a much-deserved emphasis on mental health, the beanbags were just one of the ways the IoF gave us all a subtle nudge to say, "You can't make the world a better place if you're not taking care of yourself — rest a little."


The mind-blowing session by =mc on behavioural economics

Did you know that the presence of simple images of eyes encourages people to donate more? On Day 2, Bernard Ross' session explored how we could use this subconscious processing as well as other lessons from behavioural economics as a force for good. We've just ordered his new book Change for Good which we've added to the Donr Library and definitely feel a blog post series in the making. ⚡️


Tuesday's plenary with Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn

Two members of the team were lucky enough to hear Jonny and Neil share their incredible tale of courage, kindness and friendship shining a light on young people's mental health and their new charity Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma.

Neil met Jonny ten years ago when Jonny was sat on Waterloo Bridge contemplating taking his own life. He stopped to talk to him, convincing Jonny to take a step back. The plenary left every single person moved, reminding us all that small acts of kindness can change lives.



This list could have gone on for substantially longer, but we'll keep it short and sweet. To everyone we met at #IoFFC thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves and tell us about your charity — we simply can't wait to see which incredible things you'll achieve next!






The Survey Series: Your Mobile Supporter Journey

We strive to be a platform created by collaboration and feedback. So, in April, we designed a survey to find out more about how the UK charity sector is using text giving, your supporter journeys and what you need next to take your fundraising to the next level — and the results are in.

This new blog series will dive deeper into the results, sharing what the Donr Community have to say about everything from fundraising KPIs to your favourite ways to learn new digital fundraising skills. To kick off we thought we'd start with your mobile supporter journey.

We know how important data collection is to fundraisers. Without it, you can't show supporters what your community has achieved beyond the impact of their donation, deepen their emotional connection to your cause and more.

But when we asked the Donr Community what you do with your opt-in data nearly 80% of you said that you don't have a text donation supporter journey at all.



Do you have a digital strategy?

Several bodies of research within the sector point towards a lack of digital skills, including the Charity Digital Skills Report 2019, compiled by Skills Platform and Zoe Amar Digital, which found that more than half (52%) of charities don't have a digital strategy at all.

Although we know a lack of funding and skills are some of the main obstacles preventing charities from better integrating digital into their work, we wondered if there are challenges specific to text and mobile giving that are preventing charities from developing comprehensive text donation journeys.

For example, are there clear sector guidelines for creating text and mobile-specific fundraising and community engagement strategies? Or, are we jumping the gun and the reason charities aren't doing anything with their supporters' mobile numbers is because there isn't a streamlined way to integrate data from text giving into their CRMs?

With donations by text expected to grow by 34% in the next 12 months, we hope to create more tools to solve the challenges mentioned above. But and as always if there's something you think we should add to the dashboard, or you have a brainwave in the middle of the night and want to share it, let us know!

JustTextGiving has closed – can Donr Text Giving replace it?

It’s never nice to hear of a service closing down and we appreciate how many charities are worried about one of their key income streams being taken away. However, while JustGiving's JustTextGiving has closed, we do believe though that Donr's Text Giving can replace it.

We’re really proud of our Text Giving service. Hundreds of charities have already signed up to use Text Giving, with many using it to raise significant funds for their various causes.

Donr's Text Giving Service Highlights

Pricing: we take 5% (+VAT) of any and all donations we collect on behalf of our Charity Partners. There are absolutely no other mandatory fees to consider with Donr's Text Giving service.

Choice: with Donr’s Text Giving service, our Charity Partners enjoy a huge amount of choice when it comes to selecting text-to-give keyword(s). As long as the keyword meets our criteria, the only limit to what you can have as a keyword is your imagination.

Adaptability: the text-to-give donation mechanism lends itself well to many fundraising scenarios. It’s really easy to advertise in literature and on social media and it’s great for use at charity events too – not everyone has change for the collection tin, but most attendees will have a mobile phone on them. With Donr, organisations can register as many Text Giving keywords as they wish, making it easy to raise money for various campaigns at the same time and to assign certain keywords to specific events.

If you’d like more information on Donr’s Text Giving service, check out the Text Giving FAQ category here. Or, if you’d like to chat to us in person, please email and someone from our customer-facing team will get back to you. Alternatively, you can call us on 03334444777.

If you’re ready to get going with Donr’s Text Giving service, you can find the sign-up form here.

What does Donr do?

Donr is a digital fundraising platform for charities. We're a team of expert web developers, designers and copywriters, all passionate about the work we do.

Here are some of the higlights...

Text Giving

We're pleased to offer Text Giving which gives charities the ability to set their own custom keywords which supporters can text to a short code mobile phone number to make a donation.

Appeal Pages

Donr also designs and builds bespoke Appeal Pages for charities and write all of the text that goes on them so that, in an increasingly saturated digital world, an organisation's page will stand out from the crowd. We do this for an incredibly low fee – just 5% of the donations collected, rather than charging expensive start-up or monthly running fees. We think and hope that using Donr will save charities both valuable time and money.

Payment Options

On our Appeal Pages, we offer supporters a huge range of options when it comes to how they'd like to pay. As well as traditional online payments via credit or debit card, supporters can donate to a cause via digital wallet services Apple Pay or Google Pay, or via their mobile phone's bill or credit.

Customer Service

Donr is also proud to offer a truly personal experience when it comes to customer service. If you can't find the answer to your question here on our FAQs page, please do get in touch with us. We have an email inbox that is monitored by staff throughout business hours ( and a business hours helpline number to a phone that will be answered by a real human being (0333 4444 111).

Who can Donr work with?

Find out who Donr can work with by reading on...

Donr provides Text Giving services and Fundraising pages to registered charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To work with Donr and take advantage of any of these products, an organisation must have a registered charity number from the Charity Commission in either England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. This is due to regulations imposed by the UK Mobile Network Operators with whom Donr works and is not something that Donr has the power to change.

Unfortunately, this means that, currently, Donr cannot work Community Interest Companies (CICs), or individuals or fundraising teams looking to raise money for a certain charity.

While we cannot work with CICs at the moment, we'd still like to hear from CICs who are interested in using our services. We are currently exploring options as to how we can bring our products to CICs and would love to talk to interested groups about how this may work.

In the case of individuals or fundraising teams, we'd suggest contacting the charity you wish to raise money for directly and asking them to sign up for a Donr Text Giving account – this will then give them the ability to set up a specific keyword for you, allowing you to encourage your supporters to text and donate to the charity in this way.

Are there any donation limits associated with Donr's services?

Donation Limits Associated with Donr's Text Giving Service

There are several donation limits which charities and supporters should keep in mind when using Donr's Text Giving service.

The maximum that can be contributed via a donation using Donr's Text Giving service is £20. If a supporter would like to make a larger contribution, they can do this by sending multiple texts until they have donated their desired amount. However, they should be aware that UK mobile networks have per service per day limits on how much can be spent via a person's mobile bill. UK mobile network operators can provide more information on these limits.

Supporters should also be aware that some operators impose monthly caps to try and stop users running up big mobile bills. Donr cannot see what these caps are but, if a supporter would like further information, their mobile network operator may be able to help.

And with Donr Appeal Pages...

Donation limits on Donr's Appeal pages are generally higher than those associated with Text Giving.

The maximum donation amount on a Donr Appeal Page using a credit or debit card is £5,000. If a supporter would like to donate more than this amount, they need to make two separate transactions – if they wished to donate £10,000, they need to make two separate online payments of £5,000.

The maximum donation amount on a Donr Appeal Page via mobile phone can vary. The general rule is that up to £20 can be donated per transaction. Charges of up to £30 can be made to a single UK mobile phone number per day. For instance, if a supporter would like to donate £30 to a cause via mobile phone, they'd need to make two separate payments of £20 and £10. If they then decided they'd like to contribute further, they would have to wait until the next day to donate via their mobile phone again.

The minimum that can be contributed via Donr's Appeal Pages is £1. However, while all of the organisations we work with appreciate any support you can give, the average donation is significantly higher than this.

What is split billing and what does it mean for our supporters?

'Split billing' might sound confusing, but don't worry, we're here to help.

Once you’re all signed up for our Text Giving service, you’ll be invited by email to log into your Donr Dashboard. Here, amongst other things, you can manage your keyword campaigns by editing the auto-reply text messages that go out to your supporters once they’ve donated.

You’ll see in the dashboard that there are two responses you can edit: Text Reply 1 and Text Reply 2. If your supporters opt to give an amount of £10 or below, your supporters will receive Text Reply 1, confirming that their donation has been successful (for example: “A big thank you! You’ve donated £5 to YOUR CHARITY NAME using donr. Help? 03334444111”).

However, if the supporter is a customer of O2 or EE and opts to donate an amount higher than £10, they will receive two confirmation texts. This is because both O2 and EE do not process transactions of more than £10 at a single time. Therefore, it is simply our way of confirming that their donation has been broken down into two smaller amounts, and successfully processed.

For example, if a supporter using O2 opts to donate £15, this would appear as two transactions within their mobile bill (£10 + £5). So, they will firstly receive Text Reply 1, confirming that they have donated a total of £15 to your charity.

They will then receive a second text to reflect the second part of their transaction, which is the amount over the £10 threshold (for example: “This is the second part (£5) of your recent £15 donation to YOUR CHARITY NAME. Help? 03334444111”). Your supporters have not been billed more than the amount they initially opted to give.

Supporters who are on Three or Vodafone and opt to donate either £15 or £20 will be billed in a single transaction and will receive Text Reply One only.

We know this can be a little tricky to get your head around, so we hope we’ve explained it clearly enough. However, if you have any queries about this or any other aspect of your donr experience, please get in touch with us at or by calling 0333 4444 111.

Didn’t Donr used to be known as DonateToday?

Yes, DonateToday was our original name! Now that we've moved away from fundraising via stories and into other areas of online and mobile giving, we decided we needed a fresh, new look. We rebranded ourselves as ‘Donr,’ as we felt this name better reflected the modern, innovative service we want to provide. Now, we're focussing on offering a high quality Text Giving service and creating bespoke Appeal Pages for charities.