Tottenham Foodbank

The Campaign

As an essential community service, food banks are one of the projects at the forefront of the Coronavirus crisis. Due to isolation restrictions as well as stockpiling and supply line concerns, food banks have had to look to diversify their methods for helping those they serve so well.

Noticing they had an engaged audience who were isolated at home but willing to help, Tottenham Foodbank set up the text keyword “TOTTENHAM” as an instant way for supporters to support their efforts.

“People want to donate food to us, but they often can’t because either – they can’t make it during our opening times, they are self isolating, they are avoiding public places during lockdown or they simply cannot find anything on the supermarket shelves. Texting is the most immediate thing they can do to help.” – Tottenham Foodbank


Shouting About Your New Keyword

Tottenham Foodbank knew they needed to be shouting from the rooftops about their new text keyword for it to have maximum fundraising impact, and so began promoting it in multiple places.

On Instagram, the food bank has shared the keyword on posts in their main feed, in their stories, and reposted it every time someone else mentioned it too.

On their Facebook, the charity regularly shares posts containing the keyword, as well as sharing these posts within local Facebook ‘groups’ where residents people may be interested in donating.

As we know, this crisis has brought us together through new, digital ways. Where communities have set up local mutual aid WhatsApp groups, the charity’s emergency appeal text donation information has also been shared to those who might be interested the most.

In just four weeks, over £2.5k has been raised via text, going towards the charity’s emergency appeal. A fantastic effort from all at Tottenham Foodbank!

Gift Aid on Text donations​

Shortcode: 70085
Default amount: £3

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