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Pancreatic Cancer UK’s SMS marketing

Pancreatic Cancer UK used Text Journeys to notify supporters that a TV documentary was airing, and to share information and statistics about pancreatic cancer.

The Challenge

Communications at short notice

Pancreatic Cancer UK  was notified that a documentary would be airing about pancreatic cancer. As activities were planned on other marketing channels, the charity needed a solution to let supporters know about the documentary without disrupting other comms.

Marketing via text message was trialled to notify supporters of the documentary and share information.

The Solution

Sharing information via text message

An hour before the documentary aired, Pancreatic Cancer UK sent a text message to supporters to notify them of the documentary and encourage them to tune in.

As the documentary neared its conclusion, a second message was sent to supporters to share some key information about pancreatic cancer and ask for donations via text message.

"It was great to implement a new way of giving into the charity and we are thrilled with the results!"

What was achieved...

Over 62,000 messages sent

During the campaign, over 62,000 messages were sent to segmented lists of supporters.

Messaging focusing on 7% stat

The campaign focused on messaging that only 7% of people with pancreatic cancer will survive for 5 years

£7 donation ask

To tie in with the campaign messaging, engaged supporters were asked to make a £7 donation via text

Build awareness of your cause by text message

Marketing text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to around 30% for emails, so are the perfect tool to raise awareness for your charity.


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