Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter

The campaign

At the outbreak of Covid-19, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter – like so many other charities around them – were immediately faced with unprecedented financial strain.

In response, the Shelter quickly launched an emergency text appeal where the default donation amount of the keyword was set to just £1. Stating that ‘every donation makes a huge difference’, at the core of this appeal is the ask that anything the audience can donate, even if it’s just £1, will help their efforts massively. Truly, every little helps at a time of crisis.

In less than 3 weeks, the ongoing campaign has received donations from over 2,500 individual donors, totalling almost £3,000.

Hear Beth from Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter explain in her own words

Sharing on social

The Shelter has shared the appeal far and wide across their social media platforms, including on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram – where they’ve also had some help from local influencers who have also been able to share their posts.

At the core of the appeal is the message that anything you can donate, even if it’s only just £1, will help their efforts massively.

Another unique place that the Shelter have tested at this time is setting up a TikTok account – a newer social media platform which attracts a younger audience, where users can both view and upload short videos. The charity has jumped onto this trend and created some short, funny videos which also display the text keyword on-screen – a great way to try and engage new audiences with a small ask at this time.

Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter – a dog who needs rehoming

Gift Aid on Text donations​

Shortcode: 70450
Default amount: £1

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