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Hope Rescue launched a Mobile Lottery to sit alongside an existing Direct Debit based lottery. More than 500 supporters play the lottery, raising over £25,000 per year for the charity.

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The Motivation

Reaching a new audience

Hope Rescue exists to save the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs in South Wales.

With costs rising, the charity was keen to generate a new source of reliable, regular income. Hope Rescue already had a lottery that supporters could enter via Direct Debit or card, so wanted an alternative that would reach new audiences.

Hope Rescue decided on a Mobile Lottery, to make it as simple as possible for supporters to donate whilst reaching audiences who are put off by the commitment of a Direct Debit.

The Solution

A Mobile Lottery

More than 500 players joined the lottery within the first few months of running paid social ads. This is worth over £25,000 of stable and reliable annual revenue to the charity, after deducting costs.

The majority of the players were recruited through targeted social media adverts, which were run by Donr. The ads were targeted based on geographic location and interest, encouraging supporters to play the lottery to help dogs in their local area.

Hope Rescue has also promoted the lottery to existing supporters using organic social media posts. Plans are to scale up player recruitment using a variety of marketing methods, to grow revenue further.

“Our Mobile Lottery has enabled us to reach new audiences and generate a new source of regular income. It’s so easy for supporters to enter.”

The Mobile Lottery so far...

Over 500 players

Over 500 players signed up within the first few months of paid social ads.

£25,000 every year

These 500 players are worth £25,000 of reliable, regular income will be generated for Hope Rescue!

4 times easier

It is 4 times easier to enter a Mobile Lottery than the average Direct Debit based lottery, based on the number of steps in the entry process.

Reliable, regular income with Mobile Lotteries

Create a Mobile Lottery to build a stable source of reliable income, to help your charity to navigate challenging economic times.

Mobile Lotteries Benefit 3 Right

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