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Hope Rescue’s supporter journey via text

Hope Rescue used Text Journeys to steward one-off supporters into regular givers, by sending a simple series of two text messages.

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The Challenge

Regular donations needed to support work

Hope Rescue relies on donations to continue its work to save the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs.

Regular donations allow greater stability, which enables Hope Rescue to plan spending and balance cash flow. Therefore, Hope Rescue was keen to boost the number of supporters making a regular donation.

The Solution

Text Journeys engages regular donors

A series of two text messages was sent to 499 supporters, who had made one off donations via text.

The first contained a link to Hope Rescue’s latest newsletter, so that supporters were updated on the impact of their support.

A follow up message was sent 30 minutes later, to ask supporters to make a regular donation to increase their impact.

What was achieved...

Regular donations worth £432 per year

The text messages were a quick and easy way to steward one-off supporters into regular givers.

Cost of sending messages less than £40

Over the course of a year that means an expected Return on Investment of 980%!

Messages sent to 499 supporters

Hope Rescue now plans to replicate this success across larger audiences.

“We were excited to try Text Journeys to engage our supporter base. The tool was straightforward to use and we will certainly be adding it to our fundraising plans.”

Steward your supporters into regular donors

Like Hope Rescue, you could use Text Journeys as a simple and effective way to steward supporters into regular donors. Begin by testing a simple series of messages on your supporters!


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