Fit Kitchen Foundation’s Giving Page

Fit Kitchen Foundation uses Giving Pages to support charities working on the ground in Ukraine that support orphaned children.

The Challenge

Disaster in Ukraine

Fit Kitchen Foundation was set up to support disadvantaged children worldwide. In response to the terrible violence happening across Ukraine, they sprang into action to aid local charities in their incredible work. The Foundation set up a giving page where customers and supporters could donate, where 100% of funds go to the chosen cause.

The Solution

Giving Page supports local charities

Fit Kitchen Foundation is working with St Andrews Charity who are on the ground in Ukraine to help orphaned children find refuge, food, medical supplies, sanitary items and financial support. They are also raising funds to purchase ambulances to send to the Polish/Ukraine border.

“It’s hard to sit back and watch the violence unfold in Ukraine when you’re in a comfortable, safe home. Our Giving Page has allowed us to pool funds and resources to provide much-needed assistance to the Ukrainian people who are living through an unimaginable situation."

What the page delivered...

£1,300 raised

To date, the Fit Kitchen's Giving Page has raised £1,300 to support local charities in Ukraine, with much more to come!

Multiple charity partners

Fit Kitchen Foundation are working with St Andrews Charity and many other local charities.

£100,000 goal

Fit Kitchen Foundation are aiming to raise £100,000 - all to go to their local charity partners.

Branded Giving Pages

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