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The Edward Foundation’s surgery appeal

The Edward Foundation reached out to supporters when a young bulldog that had had her elbow badly broken arrived at the centre to raise emergency funds for a surgery.

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The Challenge

Injured bulldog needed emergency surgery

The Edward Foundation helps bulldogs at risk of abuse, being used as a commodity, or simply who cannot be looked after by their families. When Fortune arrived at the Edward Foundation, injured and in need of surgery, they needed emergency funds for the expensive orthopaedic help she required at a top specialist Referral Centre.

The Solution

Emergency Text Giving Campaign

Fortune needed to go to Hamilton Referrals for her surgery, the cost of which came to £4,800. They appealed to their supporters to donate £3 to the final bill by texting EFFORTUNE.

The appeal was able to raise over one thousand pounds through Text Giving, and Fortune's surgery was a success, and her elbow, broken in 2 places by trauma, was pinned back together!

“We have found that Text Giving campaigns are a huge success as people know which dog they are donating to. It is very quick and easy, and allows us to keep track of how much is donated for each dog's care."

What the page delivered...

£1,039 raised through Text Giving

The Edward Foundation’s supporters raised £1,039 for Fortune's surgery through Text Giving.

332 Text Giving donors

A total of 332 supporters donated to Fortune’s surgery through Text Giving.

£5,355 total donations

In addition to Text Giving, which raised over one thousand pounds, an online giving page raised over £4,000!

Donate to different causes with Text Giving

Text Giving allows you to create keywords for different animals that your charity supports, or just different funding needs!

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