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Cheltenham Animal Shelter’s Mobile Lottery

Targeted social media adverts help Cheltenham Animal Shelter to grow a reliable source of regular income with Mobile Lotteries!

Phone displaying Cheltenham Animal Shelter's Mobile Lottery, accompanied by image of a cat.
The Motivation

Regular income to care for animals

Cheltenham Animal Shelter rescues and re-homes hundreds of unwanted and abandoned animals each year.

It typically costs £750,000 each year for Cheltenham Animal Shelter to look after animals in its care. However, high inflation has led to many costs, such as food, energy and vet bills rising significantly with annual costs expected to reach £900,000. Furthermore, many of the animals have complex medical and behavioural needs, resulting from the coronavirus lockdowns. 

To make sure that care could continue to be provided to animals, Cheltenham Animal Shelter wanted to generate a stable source of reliable income. The shelter decided to launch a Mobile Lottery, as the opportunity to win a prize would encourage supporters to play and donate.

The Solution

The Cheltenham Animal Shelter Lottery

Soon after launching, the lottery had attracted more than 100 players and numbers continue to grow on a daily basis. Every 100 players are worth over £5,000 of stable and reliable annual revenue to the charity, after deducting costs.

The majority of the players were recruited through targeted social media adverts, which were run by Donr.  Whilst browsing social media, people have a shorter attention span, which means that the quick and easy entry method for Mobile Lotteries performs well. This means that social media is an effective method to promote a lottery. 

Moving forwards, Donr and Cheltenham Animal Shelter plan to work together to promote the Mobile Lottery more widely. This will include expanding social media adverts to new audiences and testing new formats for ads.

“More players are joining our Mobile Lottery every day. Through the lottery we are growing a stable source of regular income to help us care for the animals who need us.”

The Mobile Lottery so far...

Over 100 players

Over 100 players signed up in the first few weeks of the lottery.

£5,000 every year

For every 100 lottery players, £5,000 of reliable, regular income will be generated for the Shelter!

£900,000 costs

Inflation has pushed Cheltenham Animal Shelter's annual costs up from £750k to £900k.

Reliable, regular income with Mobile Lotteries

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