Update to Terms & Conditions

We're making a couple of changes to our terms as we navigate the cost-of-living crisis. These changes are outlined below.


Team Donr


Here at Donr, our mission is to help charities of all sizes to access the technology they need to fundraise effectively. This is more important than ever as charities navigate the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

To help charities through the cost-of-living crisis we have:

  • Updated financial processes to remove VAT from our fees
  • Reduced our donation fees for Giving Pages to a fair, flat £1 fee
  • Kept our rates for Text Giving at 5%
  • Continued to develop new fundraising technology for charities
  • Introduced new solutions like Mobile Lotteries, Text Journeys and Text Raffles

As a result, we are now partnering with over 6,000 charities, who have been able to raise more than £40 million in vital funds.

Since launching the Donr platform in 2017, we have experienced cost increases each year. As being accessible to all sizes of charity is important to us, we have previously absorbed these cost increases rather than passing them on. However, this year costs have increased at a much faster rate due to inflation. 

In order for us to continue to help charities with donation technology, we need to make a couple of small but necessary changes to the way we process charity payouts.

Payout Timescale

For any donations made via Text Giving, Text Raffles or Mobile Lotteries from 1st January 2023 onwards, your charity will be paid out in one transaction 80 days after the end of the month in which the donation is made.

In practice, this means that donations made in January 2023 will all be paid out in April 2023, rather than being staggered across February, March and April as happens currently. Making this change will enable us to reduce administrative costs, allowing us to offset some of our increased costs. You can read more information about payouts here.

Payment Processing Fee

From April 2023 onwards, any Text Giving or Text Raffles payout greater than £10, will be charged a £5 payment processing fee. This fee will be debited from your payout automatically and will be charged a maximum of once per month and only in months when a payout is received. You can read more information about this fee here.

All other fees will remain the same and can be viewed here. This fee does not apply to Giving Pages, Text Journeys or Mobile Lotteries and we will continue not to charge any sign up or monthly subscription fees for using our platform.

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