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Five reasons marketing via text may be the answer for your charity

Emails ending up in spam folders? Social media posts reaching fewer people? Here’s why text may be the answer.

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1. More opens

If you’re investing time in sending out marketing messages, then the least you want is for people to read them. The average open rate for marketing text messages is 98% [1], compared to around 25% for charity emails [2].

2. More successful deliveries

As long as you have the right phone number, your supporter will receive a text message. For other communication methods, there isn’t the same guarantee… Emails can end up in other folders and algorithms decide whether your social media post reaches your supporters.

3. More clicks

Short, snappy messages make it easier to encourage clicks. The average click-through rate for links in text messages is around 19% [3]. This is particularly great when you remember how many supporters opened your text message!

4. Supporters want you to text

75% of people are comfortable receiving messages from organisations [4], with 64% actually thinking that they should be contacted more often by text! [5] To put that in some context, has anyone ever said that they think they should receive more email…?!

5. Audiences are growing fast

Text message audiences grew by 26% in 2019, at a time when Facebook audiences grew by just 4% and email audiences declined by 2%. [6] If you are using any Donr solution to process donations, then it is very simple to collect consent for text message marketing. 

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