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Getting a great prize for your Text Raffle

Text Raffles makes it quick and easy for you to create a raffle for your charity. All you need to do is find a prize – here are some great examples!

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Whilst Text Raffles makes organising your charity’s raffle simple, finding the right prize to appeal to your audience is essential to making you raffle a success! Here are five examples of great raffle prizes, to inspire you when selecting a prize for yours.

1. Something simple

Good prizes don’t necessarily have to be fancy - try thinking of a simple prize that works for your audience! For example, a doggy hamper is a great prize for a dog rescue charity - as you know many of your supporters will have a dog of their own.

2. Something exciting

At the other end of the spectrum - an exciting prize can help to attract attention and publicity! Charity Escapes certainly attracted attention by having a £17,000 car as the main prize for the Great Northern Raffle.

3. Memorabilia

If your charity has any connections to celebrities, then some memorabilia could be a great prize! This also gives you the opportunity to reach a new audience, if you can encourage the celebrity to share details of the raffle to their fans on social media.

4. Experiences

Perhaps there is something that your charity can do for supporters - could you give the winner a VIP tour, arrange for them to meet an ambassador or give them entry into a competitive event? Not only does this create a cool prize, but it also helps to build a relationship with supporters.

5. Supporter donation

If you have any close relationships with supporters who would be willing to donate a prize, this will add a personal touch to your raffle. Make your supporters and other contacts aware that you are planning to run a raffle, and you will often be surprised at the offers you receive!

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