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Text Giving in the New Normal

As restrictions ease but with Covid still in circulation, a quick, easy and contactless donation metric has never been more important.

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The Fundraising Regulator and Chartered Institute of Fundraising recommend that the safety of a donation metric should be considered when planning any in-person fundraising activities; “to adhere to social distancing guidance and good hygiene practices, you should review how you take payments and handle donations.”

Thankfully, we have you covered. Text Giving is truly contactless and doesn’t require any up-front costs or expensive equipment. Here’s five suggestions for how you can incorporate Text Giving into your fundraising plans as we enter ‘the New Normal’ 🖐️

1. The Return of Events

As different forms of fundraising events return, you can incorporate a Text Giving call-to-action. Not only does this allow your supporters to donate with zero contact, but they don’t even have to move to donate. This is great as it makes maintaining social distancing at your event far simpler!

Depending on your event, you can add your Text Giving call-to-action to a banner, a stage, t-shirts, running vests or wherever else your supporters will see it!

Top tip – remember you can register unlimited keywords with Donr, so you could show different keywords in different locations to test which calls-to-action are working most effectively!

2. Door-to-Door

If you’re planning to resume door-to-door fundraising, or have a collection planned in a public place then Text Giving will enable supporters to donate without having to touch anything except their own phone.

Top tip – collect marketing consent from your supporters, so that you can contact them using our Text Journeys marketing tool – launching this summer!

3. At Your Venue

Will your venue be reopening to the public as restrictions ease? If so, then a Text Giving call-to-action is a great way to encourage any visitors to show their support! Banners around your venue will ensure supporters know how they can make a donation.

Top tip – customise your thank you messages to give a special message to anyone donating – you can even embed a URL with a link to a video message or case study!

4. Wear It With Pride

There has been a surge in people exercising, particularly outdoors, during the pandemic. If your supporters are out and about running, cycling or walking then why not encourage them to wear some kit customised with a Text Giving call-to-action?

Alternatively, you can encourage public-facing staff, volunteers, corporate partners, or anyone else you can think of, to wear a Text Giving call-to-action.

Top tip – consider personalised keywords for individual supporters, which will encourage their nearest and dearest to donate!

5. Remember – The Future’s Hybrid

Whilst many of your supporters will be excited to get back to in-person fundraising, remember that not all of your supporters will share that enthusiasm. Virtual events, digital fundraising and everything else you have been doing in the past year still has its place in the ‘New Normal’.

Top tip – if you’ve exhausted all of your ideas over the past 12 months, see our case study examples for some inspiration.

Good luck as we enter a new chapter during these strange times! If we’ve inspired you with a fundraising idea and you’re ready to set up your latest campaign then click here to get started!

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