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Update on Donr’s Crowdfunding campaign

Our Founders will be pitching at Crowdcube’s London event on December 10th, as our crowdfunding campaign ramps up.

Investor Event

At the time of writing, Donr’s crowdfunding campaign has already secured over £185k in investment from more than 70 individuals, all of whom are excited about the part Donr has to play in a tech-for-good space.

On Tuesday, our CEO, Chris Newell and COO, Paul Paterson, will visit Crowdcube’s base in London to pitch at the crowdfunding company’s latest investor event.

“We’re looking forward to bringing our campaign directly to investors in the capital,” commented Newell. “This is a great opportunity to push on and meet our funding target with time to spare – the more we can raise, the quicker we can grow our suite of fundraising tools for charities.”

Why Crowdfunding?

Having already secured investment from Northstar Ventures earlier this year and having seen our flagship Text Giving service celebrate a highly successful first year, we are now looking to grow further by securing £280k via an equity crowdfunding campaign.

For this latest round of investment, we decided to go with crowdfunding for a number of reasons:

- Inclusivity – We’re passionate about all charities, no matter how big or small, having access to the best fundraising technology and support – crowdfunding our next round of investment allows us to carry this inclusivity across to a financial level too: now anyone can be an investor!

- Tech-for-good for all – we’re firm believers that the tech-for-good space is only just getting started and the more people who get to be a part of it, the bigger its impact will be. Raising equity investment on a public platform means everyone can be part of something bigger than themselves and help the tech-for-good sector grow.

- The investment gap – whilst the world continues to make progress in gender equality, there is one gap that still needs closing: the investment gap. Just one in five women currently hold investment as opposed to one in three men. Crowdfunding is helping to change the investment culture and that means that our crowdfunding campaign gets to help contribute to this change.

Where Next?

Launched in 2018, our Text Giving service has proven really popular with charities nationwide – in its first year, it’s had more than 1,600 sign-ups and helped raise over £500k for some fantastic causes across the country.

Inspired by this initial success, we hope to secure the full £280k we’re aiming for via crowdfunding to help us grow Text Giving’s reach still further and bring this easy-to-use donation mechanism to as many of the UK’s charities as possible. We also intend to launch new products, such as charity lotteries by text, which our charity research tells us there is a strong desire for.

Whilst we hope that Chris and Paul’s trip to London will bring us closer to our crowdfunding target, you can still get involved too! Click here to view our pitch on Crowdcube and find out more.

The Many Uses of Donr’s Text Giving

Sure, we love it when our charity partners use our Text Giving service to attract loads of one-off donations, but there are so many more usages which charities can put our system to, on top of that. As part of our First Birthday Celebration blog series, we’ll take a look at a few of them.

Regular Donations on Text Giving

The most obvious place to start is with regular donations. When setting up a Text Giving keyword, simply move the slider from ‘one-off’ to ‘monthly’ and, when a supporter texts that keyword, they’ll be asked to confirm they’d like to set up a monthly contribution to your charity.

Once we receive their confirmation text, our system will charge the supporter their chosen donation amount on the same day each month. Simple! Looking for an example? Here's how Nottinghamshire Hospice used Regular Text Giving.

Marketing Opt-ins on Text Giving

Donr invites its charity partners to use a two-keyword approach to collect marketing opt-ins via our service. For instance, a charity might ask a supporter to text DONR to 70085 to donate £5 and opt into marketing communications, or to text FUNDRAISING to 70085 to donate £5 but opt out of marketing communications.

The Donr Dashboard is set up so that our charity partners can see which supporter has texted which keyword so that you can ensure you respect your supporters’ wishes and only send marketing communications to those who have opted into receiving them.

Creating Lasting Links with Supporters

As standard, each charity receives a free automatic response text to be sent to supporters as a receipt for each donation they make. This response text is fully customisable (subject to regulatory requirements) but is limited to 160 characters. However, this hasn’t stopped some of our most creative charity partners managing to include both the Gift Aid declaration form link AND a link for their supporters to sign up to their mailing lists in the response texts from Donr.

How our charity partners have done this is via our optional secondary message (charged at 3p per text sent). By using this message as space to ask supporters to make a Gift Aid declaration, our charity partners are leaving themselves enough space in the initial response message for the regulatory information and to invite supporters to sign up to their mailing lists. Way to go, guys!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service so, if you have any thoughts on applications you’d like to be able to put Text Giving to, give us a shout – we’d love to chat them through with you! We can be contacted via the details listed on our home page.

Thanks for reading and happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

Text Giving 2019

Happy Birthday, Text Giving! Highlights from Year One

Our Text Giving service turns one this November, so we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite moments of the last 12 months.

Since launching Text Giving in November 2018 – it’s been a really busy year, here at Donr HQ. We’ve taken the product to conferences, shouted it from the digital roof-tops of social media and, happily, we’ve seen the charity community in the UK really embrace our service – long may it continue!

Text Giving – The Numbers

As with any product we produce, here at Donr, we hope it will help as many UK charities with their digital fundraising. We’re delighted, therefore, that, at the time of writing, over 1,500 organisations have signed up to use our Text Giving service since it was launched in November 2018. What’s even more fantastic is that almost half a million pounds has been successfully raised via our service for worthy causes up and down the UK – it’s really brilliant to see our flagship product being put to such good use.

Text Giving – The Campaigns

Hands down the best part of working at Donr is seeing our charity partners raise money via our service. One of our favourite features of text-to-donate is how it can be tagged onto almost any fundraising campaign to bring in extra income, but it's really special for us to see charities use Text Giving as a central part of their campaign.

Back in May of this year, The Normandy Memorial Trust launched the text-to-donate arm of their fundraising project to assist with the completion of the British Normandy Memorial project. According to their website, the charity “wishes to educate future generations about the scale of the sacrifice made by the United Kingdom and to ensure those generations fully understand the profound importance of that sacrifice in the context of securing Europe’s freedoms.” To date, the charity has raised over £25,000 via our Text Giving service to go towards the completion of the project – fantastic work!

Text Giving – The Publicity

A Text Giving keyword is only as good as the publicity it receives – if a charity’s supporters don’t know about it, how can they donate to the charity using it? We love it, therefore, when one of our charity partners manages to secure national promotion for its Text Giving keyword.

One such charity was the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust who worked closely with the family of Oscar Saxelby-Lee, a little boy suffering from leukaemia, to try and raise enough money for a second round of stem cell treatment. Their efforts caught the attention of two national newspapers (the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror) and attracted a tidal wave of support from the UK public. To date, the charity has raised over £40,000 via Donr’s Text Giving service.

Coming Soon

2019 has been a really exciting year for Donr. From our ever-growing community to being part of vital campaigns that have raised funds for so many great causes, both at home in the UK and abroad. To everyone who's been part of our journey so far, thank you! If you're not part of the Donr Community just yet, find out more about us here. But the year isn't over just yet. For the rest of November, we'll be sharing more stories from the last year and on the 19th we'll be taking part in one the best virtual conferences around - Fundraising Everywhere. So keep an eye out for a few more blog-posts celebrating Text Giving’s first birthday and more on our social media channels and website.


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Regular Text Giving is Changing

New PSA regulations mean that the way Donr’s Text Giving service provides for your regular text giving needs will be changing soon.

What's happening?

Coming into effect on Friday 1st November 2019, a new PSA (Phone-Paid Services Authority) regulation means that regular donations collected via text-to-donate services will require a ‘double opt-in.’

What this means in practice is that when a supporter texts your organisation’s regular text giving keyword to the short code you’ve registered it to, they will receive a message asking them to confirm they want to set up a regular text giving donation to your charity via our service. They must then reply ‘YES’ to this message to complete their regular donation set-up.

Let’s look at an example for more clarity using a keyword with the following details:

Keyword: MONTHLY
Short code: 70085
Donation frequency: regular
Default donation amount: £5

  • A supporter texts the keyword MONTHLY to 70085.
  • They receive a message thanking them for their £5 donation and asking if they’d really like to set up a monthly donation to your organisation.
  • They text YES to 70085.
  • The monthly donation is set up and the supporter receives a confirmation text, letting them know that if they wish to cancel their monthly donation at any time, they simply text STOP to 70085.

Is there anything for our partners to do?

The good news is that Donr is automating this process so that you, our partner, don’t need to do very much at all. The only thing we need you to do is to alter your promotional materials for your regular giving keywords so that, instead of telling your supporters “texts cost your donation amount plus one standard network rate message,” you’re telling supporters “texts cost your donation amount plus TWO standard network rate messages.”

Hopefully, that’s all straightforward enough, but please do give us a shout if you have any questions by emailing hello@donr.com or calling 0203 542 2807 to speak to Callum, our Relationship Manager.

Happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

Everything You Need to Know About Donr’s Integration with Donorfy

One of the many reasons charities love Donorfy is because of the suite of tools and products it easily integrates with. Donorfy's integration list includes the like of Mailchimp, Gift Aid and now Donr. We'll update this blog post whenever we have new resources so that you'll always be able to find all the information about our integration in one place!


Integration with What?

Donorfy! A fantastic CRM system that allows its charity clients keep track of their supporters’ vital information. Donorfy is so fantastic, in fact, that it has been named ‘Best CRM Product,’ ‘Best CRM Supplier,’ and ‘Most Recommended,’ by Fundraising Magazine for the last four years (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)!

With Donorfy, charity clients can create, execute and measure direct marketing campaigns, manage constituents, individuals and organisations, search and filter constituents, tag constituents (for interests, skills, mailing lists etc.), keep a timeline of communication with constituents, connect constituents and more.

The Donorfy logo in colour

What are the Benefits of Integrating Donr and Donorfy?

Donorfy helps you keep track of every single interaction your supporters have with your charity, including their text donations. By making use of this new feature, charities can collect donations and certain supporter information via Donr’s Text Giving service and bespoke online Fundraising Pages, then have all of this communicated through to their Donorfy records – no more tedious, time-consuming manual entry, leaving you with more free time to spend developing your supporter relationships!


How Do We Get Started?

Ready to hook up your Donr and Donorfy accounts? Great! We’ve got a Help Centre article with all the information you need to set up the integration. Please click here to access it, enjoy!


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Donr Debunks – The Facts About Text Giving and Data

Responses to our recent survey have suggested there’s a common misconception that text giving doesn’t give charities the data they need to take donors on their supporter journeys. Lucky for you, that’s absolutely not the case – here’s why…

What I can expect?

When you create a new keyword in your Donr Dashboard, you’ll automatically have access to a range of data that helps you make Gift Aid claims (if enabled) as well as contact your supporters. Because they’ve donated by text, the only personal data they need to pass onto you is their mobile number, which is what you’ll find in the dashboard.

You can use the mobile numbers to get in touch with your supporters without marketing consent about a range of updates which are more commonly known as in-service communication which is not marketing (to find out what kind, read this FAQ) – don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get full marketing permissions in the next section.

The first time you download this data in a CSV file, you’ll notice that the mobile numbers (which you’ll find in the ‘msisdn’ column) are partially redacted. This is just because in the interest in of data protection, full information isn’t available until you make a Donr Data Request – which is as quick and easy as sending an email.

Marketing Opt-in

But what if you’re looking to add supporters who donate by text to your database so that you can talk to them about all the work you do? All you have to do is create a marketing opt-in keyword when setting up campaign. To do this:

— Create two separate keywords with exactly the same settings (donation frequency, default donation amount etc), we’ll called these Keyword 1 and Keyword 2

— When marketing your text keywords, advertise keyword 1 as your ‘opt-in’ keyword and keyword 2 as your ‘opt-out’ keyword.

— When you download your data from the dashboard, you’ll know which supporters have texted Keyword 1 (your opt-in keyword) and can take them on a mobile supporter journey



This means you’re now able to share the incredible impact of your work and even collect different types of personal data to get to know them better. You’ll find an example to help get you started in this Help Centre article.

Myth debunked

So, there you have it… you can collect important marketing data through text giving which allows you to communicate with them in a meaningful way. As always, if you’d like to chat to us about collecting data we’re here to help.⚡️

PS* If you haven't started your text marketing journey just yet be sure to keep an eye on our social media and your inboxes for a very exciting product launch this Autumn!

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Welcoming Donorfy to the Donr Community

We’re pleased to announce that Donr will be integrating our fundraising technology with Donorfy – a leading CRM system – in July 2019.

It’s going to be really simple to take advantage of this new feature too. An organisation will simply have to log onto the Donr Dashboard and add the Donorfy option to their account, using the newly introduced ‘Integrations’ section of the Dashboard. Data will appear as soon as this is done.

We know that this is an announcement that many of our Charity Partners have been waiting for – by removing the need for the manual addition of Text Giving donors to their CRM system, charities will be able to significantly improve the supporter journey of those donors.

Charities that use both Donr and Donorfy will see data associated with their Donr donations appear automatically in their Donorfy account, along with all the required Gift Aid information. This will enable Donorfy to automatically reclaim the tax from HMRC.

‘We know that, as charities and donors move more and more towards Text Giving, that sometimes the Text Giving donor gets left behind in communications and the supporter journey,’ our CEO, Chris, explains. ‘We wanted to make it easier for our charity clients to use Donorfy’s services together with ours, as we see it as an opportunity to help them keep people better engaged with the causes they choose to support.’

The guys over at Donorfy are just as excited as we are: ‘Donorfy is built for integration,’ said their CEO, Robin Fisk. ‘By working together and integrating our technologies, we are helping charities maximise their donations, increase supporter loyalty and minimise their costs.’

By launching this integration, Donr is aiming to eliminate the need for charities to use spreadsheets or other methods to track or transfer vital data. There are also plans to extend this to even more charities, as we integrate with other CRM solutions in the near future.

So watch this space and, as always, happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

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Adding Clarity to the Pay-Out Process

Donr is constantly looking to change and improve to better meet the needs of our Charity Partners. We’ve now released an Invoices module to add clarity to the pay-out process and help users better understand the payments they receive from us.

It may not be the flashiest update we’ve ever released, but we’re still delighted to announce the launch of this new module which will help our Charity Partners understand why they’ve received the pay-outs they get from us. Specifically, the new Invoices module offers separate invoices for donations made via each mobile network operator and breaks donations down via payment amount so it’s easy to work out important figures such as total donation amount, total fees to be paid and total amount owed by Donr to the charity.

What’s more, the Invoices module organises the invoices available for download into two distinct categories: ‘Paid’ and ‘Due’. As is probably obvious, these categories refer to invoices for which payment has already been sent from Donr to the charity and for which payment is still due from Donr to the charity. The ‘Paid date’ and ‘Due date’ values will help the financial teams of Donr’s charity partners to identify payments which have already been sent by Donr and let them know when they can expect future transfers.

For added privacy and security, only users with ‘Account Admin’ status on their Charity Organisation’s Donr account will have access to these invoices.

To find out about the Invoices module and the invoice documents themselves, please check out our new Help Centre article here.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about our new module, the pay-out process, our service in general and if you’ve got any ideas on how we could improve further — feel free to get in touch with us via the usual channels.

Happy fundraising!

The Donr Team

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Adding Efficiency to the Bank Details Upload

At Donr, we’re constantly looking to improve so we’ve streamlined the way we take delivery of our Charity Partners’ bank details.

As of today (Thursday June 13th 2019), Donr’s Charity Partners will no longer be required to send required bank details via email. Instead, we’ve rolled out a new module which will allow our Charity Partners’ to provide us with the bank details we need from within their Donr Dashboard.

Only the Account Admin ­– the user who created their charity’s Donr account ­– or users who have been granted specific permission to do so by the Account Admin will be able to upload/alter their Charity Organisation’s registered bank details. To do so, they’ll need to adhere to the following process:

First, the user will need to ensure they have the following information to hand:

1 — Their organisation’s bank account name
2 — Their organisation’s bank account sort code
3 — Their organisation’s bank account number
4 — Their organisation’s name of your bank or building society
5 — Their organisation’s roll number (building societies only)
6 — A copy (in JPG, PNG or PDF format) of a recent bank statement for your organisation’s nominated account with the bank account name, sort code and account number visible.

The user should then log into the Donr Dashboard, click on their name in the top right-hand corner and select from ‘Charity Bank Account’ from the drop-down menu.

Here, they will find instructions on how to provide us with their organisation’s bank details. They’ll need to type in details 1–5 and then upload the copy of their organisation’s bank statement to the Dashboard.

Once they’ve submitted their organisation’s bank details for verification, they’ll see a ‘decision pending’ screen until a decision has been made by Donr as to whether the details pass our verification checks or not.

If the details pass our verification checks, the user will receive notification via email and the details will be uploaded to our secure accounting system, ready to pay out to their organisation, once it starts receiving donations.

If the details do not pass our verification checks, the user will receive a message letting them know what has gone wrong and how they can rectify the situation.

So, there you have it — bank details may not be the most exciting part of the Donr experience, but there’s no denying their importance! We hope that this new module will improve the efficiency of our Charity Partners’ Donr experience but we’re always open to feedback so if you have any ideas for further growth, please let us know via the usual channels.

Happy fundraising!

The Donr Team

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Breaking down the lingo: A simple guide to Gift Aid…

This short guide is here to completely break down the term 'Gift Aid' once and for all; from everything to what it actually is, to whether you qualify for it, to the steps you have to take to claim it. Now, let’s get into it.

What actually is Gift Aid?

The most important aspect to understand is that if you do add Gift Aid to your donation, you can boost the value of your donation by a quarter — at no extra cost to you. So, for every £1 you donate, Gift Aid ensures that another 25p will be given to the charity. This is because Gift Aid is an income tax relief — meaning the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax already paid on your gift by the donor. It therefore benefits charities massively — Gift Aid tax repayments equalled a whopping £1,280m across the tax year 2016–2017

How do I know if I qualify for Gift Aid?

As it turns out, it really is quite simple — if you’re a UK taxpayer, who pays enough tax, then you’ll qualify for Gift Aid. To know if you pay enough tax, simply ask yourself the following: ‘do I pay UK Income or Capital Gains Tax at a rate equal to the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all of my donations this tax year?’ Sadly, VAT and Council Tax do not meet these criteria.

On to the smaller print: Your donations unfortunately will not qualify for Gift Aid if they’re more than four times the tax you’ve paid in that tax year, and if you stop paying enough tax at any point, you must tell the charity you’re donating to.

Seems straightforward, right? Essentially, the amount you pay in tax determines whether your eligible as a ‘Gift-Aid giver’. However, the conditions surrounding your donation also have their role to play in determining whether a single donation is eligible, too…

When would my donation not qualify?

There are a few stipulations by which your donation wouldn’t qualify for Gift Aid — even if you personally meet the above criteria — but don’t worry, we have you covered. In simple terms, your donation will not qualify for Gift Aid if you’re getting something in return for your finances, or if the money wasn’t yours to give away. If you’ve been charged an entry fee, have bought something, or have been entered into a competition — you can’t claim Gift Aid. Furthermore, if the donation was on behalf of someone else, like a group of people or company, it again cannot be claimed. That’s about it, really.

How do I make a declaration?

The short answer is that it couldn’t be easier. For most online donations, you’ll be given the simple option to tick a box at the end of the donation process. For donations made by cheque (old-school, we know!) you’ll usually need to fill out and return a quick Gift Aid Form, and ensure that the appropriate option is selected. In either circumstance, if any of your key details change (incl. your name, address, your tax status), you’ll need to update your details.