At Night We Wonder…

When we were planning our Recovery Hub project in May this year we wanted to give our charities an opportunity to share whatever was on your mind to help lighten your load, because sometimes if even just one other human being knows what you’re worrying about at night you sleep a little sounder.

And that’s what the final field in our Google Form. “And finally I lie awake wondering if…” was for. We’ll be honest: we expected half of you to roll your eyes and quietly say to yourselves that you just don’t have time and the other half to ask about budget strategies for 2021 and digital fundraising learning curves.

Instead, we got answers that to us, speak volumes about the people that work in the charity sector and the communities you serve.

Donr — At Night We Wonder... 1

The whole point of the Recovery Hub was for Donr to find the answers to your post-COVID charity landscape questions. But when we had a team meeting a couple of weeks ago to discuss how on earth we were going to answer, “Can we ever hug again?” we hit a block.

So, instead of writing some generic content about where to stay up to date with social distancing guidelines and to remember your reusable cup when you eventually have a takeaway coffee, we’re going to just be human.

We won’t skirt around the edges. We know things are especially hard for the sector right now, but to us, your answers are a poignant reminder of what makes connecting with people so special.

Vulnerability is a powerful thing. Sharing and leaning on each other (even if it’s through screens) matters.

Whilst we can’t solve any of the big problems, we are working tirelessly to bring you tools and resources to help you fundraise in the new normal. We are also here to listen, learn and help you however we can with your digital fundraising. Submissions to the Recovery Hub are now closed but if we find anything worth sharing we’ll add it here and let you know via our social channels.

As always, you can get in touch with a real person by emailing us at, DM’ing us or calling our support team.


Team Donr


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