Adding Efficiency To The Bank Details Upload

At Donr, we’re constantly looking to improve so we’ve streamlined the way we take delivery of our Charity Partners’ bank details.

As of today (Thursday June 13th 2019), Donr’s Charity Partners will no longer be required to send required bank details via email. Instead, we’ve rolled out a new module which will allow our Charity Partners’ to provide us with the bank details we need from within their Donr Dashboard.

Only the Account Admin ­– the user who created their charity’s Donr account ­– or users who have been granted specific permission to do so by the Account Admin will be able to upload/alter their Charity Organisation’s registered bank details. To do so, they’ll need to adhere to the following process:

First, the user will need to ensure they have the following information to hand:

1 — Their organisation’s bank account name
2 — Their organisation’s bank account sort code
3 — Their organisation’s bank account number
4 — Their organisation’s name of your bank or building society
5 — Their organisation’s roll number (building societies only)
6 — A copy (in JPG, PNG or PDF format) of a recent bank statement for your organisation’s nominated account with the bank account name, sort code and account number visible.

The user should then log into the Donr Dashboard, click on their name in the top right-hand corner and select from ‘Charity Bank Account’ from the drop-down menu.

Here, they will find instructions on how to provide us with their organisation’s bank details. They’ll need to type in details 1–5 and then upload the copy of their organisation’s bank statement to the Dashboard.

Once they’ve submitted their organisation’s bank details for verification, they’ll see a ‘decision pending’ screen until a decision has been made by Donr as to whether the details pass our verification checks or not.

If the details pass our verification checks, the user will receive notification via email and the details will be uploaded to our secure accounting system, ready to pay out to their organisation, once it starts receiving donations.

If the details do not pass our verification checks, the user will receive a message letting them know what has gone wrong and how they can rectify the situation.

So, there you have it — bank details may not be the most exciting part of the Donr experience, but there’s no denying their importance! We hope that this new module will improve the efficiency of our Charity Partners’ Donr experience but we’re always open to feedback so if you have any ideas for further growth, please let us know via the usual channels.

Happy fundraising!

The Donr Team

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