Adding Clarity To The Pay-Out Process

Donr is constantly looking to change and improve to better meet the needs of our Charity Partners. We’ve now released an Invoices module to add clarity to the pay-out process and help users better understand the payments they receive from us.

It may not be the flashiest update we’ve ever released, but we’re still delighted to announce the launch of this new module which will help our Charity Partners understand why they’ve received the pay-outs they get from us. Specifically, the new Invoices module offers separate invoices for donations made via each mobile network operator and breaks donations down via payment amount so it’s easy to work out important figures such as total donation amount, total fees to be paid and total amount owed by Donr to the charity.

What’s more, the Invoices module organises the invoices available for download into two distinct categories: ‘Paid’ and ‘Due’. As is probably obvious, these categories refer to invoices for which payment has already been sent from Donr to the charity and for which payment is still due from Donr to the charity. The ‘Paid date’ and ‘Due date’ values will help the financial teams of Donr’s charity partners to identify payments which have already been sent by Donr and let them know when they can expect future transfers.

For added privacy and security, only users with ‘Account Admin’ status on their Charity Organisation’s Donr account will have access to these invoices.

To find out about the Invoices module and the invoice documents themselves, please check out our new Help Centre article here.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about our new module, the pay-out process, our service in general and if you’ve got any ideas on how we could improve further — feel free to get in touch with us via the usual channels.

Happy fundraising!

The Donr Team

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