Text Giving Campaign Debrief: 5 Ways To Evaluate Your Campaign Performance

Often charities spend so much of their time planning, launching and running their campaigns that they sometimes don’t have any time or resources to do a text giving-specific campaign debrief and evaluate how mobile giving performed in their fundraising campaign. Here’s why a text giving campaign debrief is a must and how to go about it.

Features for fundraisers

All of the features on the Donr Dashboard are build to solve a mobile fundraising challenge or simply just make it even easier to run a campaign. We noticed that the campaign data available on the dashboard wasn’t easy to analyse once a charity had wrapped up a campaign, or even just wanted to track progress so far — and so the analytics module was born.

Analytics module button

What you can do with the analytics module

The analytics module helps you dig a little deeper into your text giving performance and evaluate your fundraising campaign. You can analyse single or multiple keywords at a time, over any date range and see the following information:

– the total raised

– successful donations

– the number of people who donated

– average donation amount

– whether the donation is one-off or monthly

– the number of donors who gave Gift Aid

– total Gift Aid declared

– The overall total (donations + Gift Aid)

You also see the total number of donations per day in graph or table format which you can download as a CSV file.

Donr Analytics Module

How to use the analytics module to perform a campaign debrief

Below we’ve jotted down some of the ways you can you use the information in your dashboard to find out how your text giving keyword performed. Depending on your campaign goals, they’re great indicators of which parts of your messaging and call to action you could potentially tweak in your next campaign to do even better!

Overall performance

Your first campaign debrief step will naturally be to find out how your text keyword(s) performed overall. The analytics module is the quickest way to find out the total number of donations, Gift Aid total and grand total.

Overall conversion rate

To find out overall conversion rate you will first need to calculate how many of your supporters saw your text giving keyword. This could be the number of event attendees, impressions on a social media post or the number of direct mails you sent out. Next, all you have to do is divide this number by the number of donors, times it by 100 and you’ve worked out your conversion rate.

Gift Aid conversion rate

Similar to the above, to work out Gift Aid conversion, all you have to do is divide the total number of donations by the number of donors who gave Gift Aid and times it by 100.

Donation amount insights

Your average donation amount gives great insight into what your supporters are currently comfortable donating via text. If you spot that the average donation amount is higher or lower than your original ask, why not use the data to inform your next text giving campaign?

Impactful content

Finally, you can use the graph feature to easily determine which days brought in the most donations. Overlay this data with your fundraising activity (this could be social media posts, audience segments from a mail campaign etc) to find out which content inspired your supporters to donate.

Donr Analytics graph

So there you have it, five easy ways to use the analytics module to analyse your text giving performance, identify which areas you’re succeeding in, and find out where you can improve!

P.S. Don’t forget that you can book a campaign debrief with our digital strategist at no extra charge⚡️

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