10 Things You Can Do with Donr Text Giving

Looking forward to trialling something new for 2020 but unsure where to begin? Text Giving is a great place to start, we promise! Part of our New Year’s resolution here at Donr is to share more knowledge and to help the scary to seem much less daunting. So, we’re starting by sharing 10 things you can do with Donr Text Giving – and how to get started instantly!


  1. Choose your preferred keyword and shortcode

First thing’s first – what do we mean when we talk about “keywords” and “shortcodes” in relation to Text Giving? The keyword is the word that your supporters will text to make a donation, whilst the shortcode is the number they’ll need to send the text to. In the below example, the keyword-shortcode combination is “WATER” and “70085”.

“Text “WATER” to 70085 to donate £5. This costs £5 plus a std rate msg.”

Our service will allow you to create your preferred keyword, allowing you to keep it contextual with your fundraising campaign. If your desired keyword has already been taken on a specific shortcode, you can try its availability across several other shortcodes – ensuring you always have a unique keyword-shortcode combination for each text campaign.


  1. You can create an unlimited number of keywords

We allow you to create an unlimited number of keywords when using our service – so as well as “WATER”, you could also register “TAP”, “WELL” and “CLEAN”, too. We think this is really beneficial when running several different campaigns, as it allows you to track how much has been raised for each specific cause. But you can get as creative as you’d like with how you utilise this feature, of course!


  1. You can select a set donation amount for your keyword

To make the donation process as speedy as possible, you can select a default amount between £1 and £20 for each keyword you create. In the above example, “WATER” has been set to a default donation amount of £5, meaning that texting “WATER” will result in an automatic donation of £5. Alternatively, you can leave this default amount blank, in order to promote several donation points alongside each other. For example:

“Text “WATER 5” to 70085 to donate £5.

Text “WATER 10” to 70085 to donate £10.

Text “WATER 20” to 70085 to donate £20.

(This costs the donation amount plus a std rate msg)”


Diabetes charity JDRF using a social media graphic to promote their keyword "HERO' with a set default amount of £5
Diabetes charity JDRF created the keyword “HERO” with a set default donation amount of £5


  1. Keywords can be for both one-off and regular donations

In our example above, “WATER” is set up for a £5, one-off donation. However, our Text Giving service also allows you to set up regular keywords too, which will allow your supporters to give monthly (with the amount being added to their mobile bill each month). We see this feature as a speedy alternative to the Direct Debit – one that can be promoted alongside this more classic method of recurring payment, to offer a different generation of supporters a new way to give.


  1. Our dashboard will help you to track your fundraising progress

Packed with analytics features, our dashboard will help you to track the progress of your text campaigns by showing data such as the total amount raised, number of donations, and average donation amounts. All data can be filtered and downloaded in CSV format – allowing you to import this data into your chosen CRM tool.


  1. We’ll help you to collect Gift Aid data

Once a supporter has donated, we’ll provide your supporters with a link which invites them to fill in their Gift Aid declaration information. This link can quickly be enabled from within the customisation area of the dashboard. Again, all of this data can then be accessed from within the dashboard and downloaded in CSV format.


  1. You can obtain marketing consent through Text Giving too

Thought you couldn’t capture consent to communicate with your supporters via text? Not true! By creating an alternative opt-out keyword whenever you create a new keyword (sometimes referred to as the “two-keyword approach”), you’ll be able to capture your donors’ consent – providing that you promote the two keywords to your supporters with equal prominence. For example:

“Text “WATER” to 70085 to donate £5 and to opt in for further updates on our work. Texts cost £5 plus a std rate msg. Or, text “WATERNOINFO” to 70085 to donate £5 but opt out of any further communications.”


  1. Our text keywords are ready to use at the point of creation

You won’t have to wait for a keyword to go “live” or be “approved” by us – from the second you create your new keyword, you can get started with Text Giving right away! We always suggest that a great first place to start is to put the keyword on your charity’s website. From there, you can promote it via social media, in printed media, on merchandise, at events or even on running vests. The world is your Text Giving oyster!


The Make-a-Wish Foundation promoting their text keyword at the top of their website
The Make-a-Wish Foundation promoting their text keyword at the top of their website
  1. We provide promotional support in many different forms

No one expects you to get it spot on first time – our best advice is always “trial, error and learn”. Get started with your first Text Giving campaign and see what you discover! Our Blog will allow you to access various quick start guides, campaign top-tip lists, and best practice articles. Plus, our team can always be reached by phone if you’d prefer to talk through any campaign or strategy ideas you might have prior to launch.


  1. And finally – you can also take a good look around Donr before committing!

Charities often describe us as being a “risk-free” fundraising option, due to the fact we don’t charge any sign-up or monthly fees. This also means that you can create a Donr account for free and gain instant access to our dashboard – meaning you can have a good nose around before any final decisions are made!


Sounds like something you’d like to try in 2020? You can book a call with our Head of Partnerships Sam Morris here or drop her an email at samantha@donr.com. We’ll help you get started with Text Giving in no time!

Or, if you’d like to pass the above information onto a colleague, why not download a PDF version of this guide by clicking the image below?


10 Things You Can Do with Donr Text Giving PDF Guide Ready for Download
10 Things You Can Do with Donr Text Giving PDF Guide Ready for Download
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